Q & A

*** Please kindly read through this section first if you wish to rent any amulet(s) from me. Thank you. ***


  • Are the amulets in your blog genuine?
  • Yes, they are 100% genuine.
  • Where do you rent your amulet(s) from?
  • All my amulets are rented directly from their respective temples or through reputable dealers in Thailand and Singapore.
  • What are the payment terms available?
  • I am only accepting cash payment in SGD (Singapore Dollars). I do not accept other forms of payment such as iBanking, Paypal, cheque, etc…
  • What are the delivery options available?
  • To ensure fairness to both the seller and the buyer, I will only meet up with my buyer. By doing this way, the buyer can actually view the amulet(s) before giving any commitments. I do not provide any local mail postage services and I do not ship to any destinations outside Singapore.
  • I would like to view your amulet(s). Where do I meet up with you?
  • Meet up only at Begonia Park daily from (7:00PM – 8:30PM).
  • Ok, I have read through every thing and I would like to rent from you. How do I contact you?
  • Please kindly email me at willyctm@gmail.com and from there, we will arrange for a meet up via telecommunications. You may also find me at SiamAmulets Forum.

SA Gold


Yours sincerely,

Willy Chiam (willyctm)


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